As a member of the German parliament, I feel that I represent the entire country’s population. At the same time, of course, I have a special obligation to my district and its constituents. My district is in Bavaria and extends from Günzburg through New-Ulm and Senden (my hometown) to Unterallgäu.
When parliament is not in session, I can usually be found in my district office in New-Ulm, which is open to all citizens. You are welcome to contact me or my staff there with concerns and questions. We will then try – as much as we are able – to take appropriate action. As a member of parliament, however, I am not allowed to give legal advice. At the same time, I see my task in the district as explaining federal policy and making it comprehensible for you.
By visiting and providing information to various constituency groups (school classes, adult education groups, students, associations, etc.), I gain a better on the ground understanding of information and issues. In the weeks when I am not in session, I also visit various institutions in my district. These include kindergartens, schools and other educational institutions, as well as local companies.
I then try to take the experience and knowledge I have gained into account in my work in Berlin.
And, of course, contact and cooperation with the Bavarian state Green party group, the Green Bavarian parliamentary group, the district level and especially with my “home district association” play an important role.
In order to coordinate all of these appointments in Bavaria, to prepare events and to always be available for constituents, I am supported in the district by my staff members Holger Greif and Arno Görgen.

My Team at the District Office

  • Holger Greif
  • Dr. Arno Görgen

District Office Contact Information:

Ekin Deligöz, MdB
Memminger Straße 3
89231 Neu-Ulm
Telephone: 0731 9806976
Fax: 0731 4038593

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